Less than 1,800 miles post a meticulous rotisserie restoration! Imagine a sleeper, cloaked in unassuming gray with understated wheels. Suddenly, the vibrant red interior dazzles, and beneath the hood lies a formidable 454. It comes equipped with a protect-o-plate, originally an SS.

EXTERIOR: Behold the magnificence! The hue, craftsmanship, and posture are truly striking. The panels are impeccably straight, and the gaps rival those of a Mercedes. Adorned in the sought-after Nardo Gray sans vinyl top, it’s polished to a mirror-like sheen. Even the jambs exude slickness. All chrome and trim, including the SS insignias, tail panel, and hood grills, have been renewed. The glass, seals, and weatherstrips are all brand new. It stands slightly elevated at the rear, sporting painted 14-inch wheels with poverty hubcaps at each corner, shod with BFG tires.

INTERIOR: The red interior is a delightful contrast to the gray exterior. From carpet to headliner, everything appears brand new. The floor boasts well-fitting red carpet, reproduction mats, red GM seatbelts, and a standout feature: a Hurst 5-speed shifter! The upholstery is entirely new and fits perfectly. The side panels, armrests, and handles have been replaced. The dash is pristine: with a new dash pad, repainted metal, plastic bezel, speedometer, controls, etc. A new deluxe wheel sits atop a tilt column. Overhead, a new, snug headliner and a functional dome light complete the scene. The absence of a radio means the true symphony comes from the tailpipes as you shift gears.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: A true wolf in sheep’s clothing, badged as a 396 but housing a mighty 454! GM never fitted a little Nova with such a behemoth engine. Completely rebuilt and dyno-tuned to 368 hp and 446 lbs of torque, this engine bay looks factory-fresh. The motor features a factory aluminum intake, chrome valve covers and air cleaner, upgraded with Patriot headers. The cooling system is comprehensive, featuring a rubber seat, shroud, reproduction hoses, and clamps. It includes reproduction spring clamp cables. Amenities include power steering and brakes with a cadmium-plated booster. All components appear new and correct. Every metal surface is painted smooth and pristine. It’s a meticulously detailed engine bay.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Under the trunk lid and jambs are flawlessly painted. Inside, the clean metal is neatly spatter painted. The weatherstrip, seat divider, and decals are all new.

UNDERSIDE: The body was detached from the frame for restoration. It was placed on a rotisserie to restore the underside to like-new condition. The subframe was upgraded with a new one. The entire front end steering and suspension are new. Subframe connectors join the front and back to prevent body twist. The rear springs and bushings were replaced. Upgraded gas shocks are installed all around. The brake system is completely rebuilt, with front disc brakes and an operational e-brake. The fuel system is entirely replaced. The exhaust system, featuring a crossover pipe and Flowmaster mufflers, is new. Looking up at the motor, you see spotless Chevy Orange and a new high-torque starter. The transmission was upgraded with a 5-speed Tremec, complete with a new shifter and clutch. The rebuilt driveshaft connects to a 3.55 posi 12-bolt rear. The floors, braces, and chassis are spotless smooth metal painted satin black.

SERVICE: We conducted a thorough inspection, replacing the lighter, ashtray, and rubber bumpers, installing a new blower switch, tightening the visors and mirror, and replacing a leaking pinion seal.

This is a top-tier build, with exceptional fit and finish from top to bottom. Did I mention how much I love the colors? I do! The best part is driving it, shifting those gears!