The year 1953 bore witness to the creation of the Chevrolet 210 sedan, an automobile propelled by a 235 cubic inch inline-six engine, coupled with a manual transmission boasting three gears. This particular model, clad in a somber hue of black with an interior draped in gray cloth, is adorned with 15-inch steel wheels painted to match, embellished bumpers of chrome, a protective sun visor, simple lap belts, and a heater for the cabin. The current proprietor assumed stewardship of this classic vehicle in the year 2022, initiating a series of refurbishments that included the overhaul of the carburetor, as well as the replacement of the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, battery, and exhaust system. This venerable 210 is presently available, accompanied by a pristine title from Iowa under the owner’s name.

The vehicle’s exterior, swathed in an ebony tone, is accentuated with a decorative hood ornament, a practical sun visor, and lustrous chrome bumpers. It should be noted that a minor abrasion exists on the right front fender, with detailed images of this and other exterior elements provided in the accompanying gallery.

The wheels, 15-inch steel painted constructs, now sport 7.10-50 Firestone whitewall tires of the reproduction variety, mounted anew in 2022. Tucked within the trunk lies a spare wheel and tire for emergencies. The braking mechanism consists of drums situated at each wheel, ensuring adequate deceleration.

Inside, the cabin is outfitted with bench seating at both front and rear, cloaked in a fabric of gray. The interior is further equipped with a locking glove compartment, rudimentary lap belts, and rubber mats to protect the floor. A noteworthy flaw is the malfunctioning of the heater on its low setting, alongside a visible stain on the rear seat’s upholstery.

The dashboard hosts an array of instruments including a speedometer capable of measuring up to 110 mph, alongside auxiliary gauges that monitor the coolant temperature, fuel level, amperage, and oil pressure. The odometer, displaying a five-digit tally, indicates a modest 16,000 miles, of which approximately 200 have been added since the vehicle entered the current owner’s care.

Beneath the hood, the 235 cubic inch inline-six engine, which was initially rated at 103 net horsepower and 196 pound-feet of torque, now includes a newly installed fuel pump. In 2022, a comprehensive refurbishment was undertaken on the carburetor, and essentials such as the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, and battery were replaced. The exhaust system saw an upgrade in 2023.

The transmission, a three-speed manual affair, channels power to the rear wheels. Notably, some components on the underside exhibit signs of corrosion.

Decoding the trim tag reveals the following information:

  • Style: 53-1069W – 1953 210 4-Door Sedan
  • Body: S24180 – Fisher body number
  • Trim: 241 – Light Grey cloth
  • Paint: 480 – Onyx Black paint