In June 2021, the current steward of this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad acquired it via BaT, followed by enhancements including the integration of a BluePrint Engines 350ci V8, replete with a quad-barrel carburetor, MSD ignition, an aluminium heat exchanger, and serpentine headers. The automobile’s exterior boasts a sepia tone complemented by metallic bumpers and adornments. Additional apparatus encompasses a Muncie four-speed manual gearbox, a Hurst actuator, a Jaguar-derived autonomous rear suspension, and 15-inch Torq Thrust circles encasing four-wheel disc brakes. The interior is appointed with ebon vinyl coverings, non-original measuring devices, and a digital audio system designed to mimic vintage aesthetics. The port-side fenestration and its mechanism were renewed in 2022. This unique Nomad comes with a dossier of maintenance histories and a Massachusetts deed in the name of the current owner.

Debuted in 1955, the Nomad wagon represented the pinnacle of luxury within the Chevrolet Bel Air lineup. This specimen underwent a renaissance in a tawny palette during the 1970s, embellished with an ornamental hood figure, bifurcated tailgate, an overhanging visor, metallic embellishments, and monolithic “California” bumpers.

Bearing 15-inch American Racing Torq Thrust wheels cloaked in 225/70 Spartan tyres, this vehicle features a Jaguar-sourced rear suspension independent of the main frame. Deceleration is managed by quartet-disc brakes, with the posterior mechanisms inboard-mounted.

The saloon’s seating, swathed in pitch vinyl, harmonizes with matching door casings and floor coverings. Enhancements include a digital stereo with a throwback design and a Hurst shift mechanism, with the driver’s side window assembly updated as of October 2022.

A triad-spoked helm with a metallic signal circlet faces a speedometer calibrated to 110 mph. An aftermarket RPM gauge clings to the steering column, supplemented by subordinate dials for oil pressure and coolant heat under the dash. The mileage register displays 16k, although the accurate distance traversed remains undisclosed.

In 2023, the 350ci V8, procured from BluePrint Engines, was installed. This unit flaunts an aluminium intake manifold, a quad-barrel carburetor, MSD ignition, metallic camshaft covers, serpentine exhaust conduits, and an aluminium coolant reservoir with an electrical propelling fan. The petrol reservoir was substituted in 2021.

Thrust is relayed to the aft rollers via a Muncie four-speed manual transmission coupled with a 3.31:1 rear gearing. Notable is the oxidization observed on the undercarriage components.

Decoding the trim tag reveals the following information:

  • Style: 55-1064DF – Bel Air Nomad two-door wagon
  • Body: CL – Built in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Trim: 546 – Gray & Coral interior
  • Paint: 627 – Shadow Gray & Coral paint scheme

The current Massachusetts title lists an Odometer Discrepancy brand.