EXTERIOR: Impeccably pristine, the exterior boasts an immaculate, rust-free physique with perfectly aligned body panels. All components, including the fenders and the optional visor, are metal. The vehicle is adorned with a lustrous, high-gloss red and white paint job. A newly installed windshield and gasket enhance its appearance. The chrome grill, bumpers, and emblems gleam magnificently. Weather strips have been meticulously replaced. The truck is equipped with chrome baby moon wheels and lettered tires, adding to its striking look.

INTERIOR: As I sit within the cabin, the interior’s elegance is evident. The seat has been reconstructed, offering a firm cushion and upholstered in two-tone fabric. Every metal surface inside is painted with a smooth, glossy finish. The dashboard features an impressive set of new analog-digital gauges that illuminate brightly. A vintage-style Moon Eyes tachometer is mounted on the dash. The polished tilt steering column is complemented by a cushioned grip wheel. There’s a retro stereo system with boxed speakers located behind the seat. The floor is adorned with black carpet, bowtie mats, and Locar pedals. Overhead, the optional factory waffle pattern headliner, working dome light, new visors, and mirror enhance the interior’s charm. New window cranks, handles, and armrests complete the interior refurbishment.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: The powerhouse is a Blueprint Crate motor, a 400 small block fine-tuned to deliver 507 horsepower. It features an Edelbrock intake, a Holley Sniper fuel injection system, and aesthetically pleasing valve covers. Recently installed components include a new distributor and plug wire looms. At the front of the engine, a March billet runner system with polished brackets and pulleys operates with a serpentine belt, polished mini compressor, and polished alternator. Coated headers with freshly installed copper gaskets connect to the exhaust pipes. The engine remains cool thanks to an aluminum water pump, a large aluminum radiator, custom shroud, dual electric fans, and an overflow bottle. The modern power steering system ensures smooth handling. The battery is securely fastened with a billet bracket and new cables.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: The cargo area features clean, red-painted metal surfaces. The floor is finished with refinished oak planks and metal strips, secured with stainless hardware. A flush-mounted fuel filler with a chrome cover adds a touch of sophistication.

UNDERSIDE: The undercarriage is impeccably clean, showcasing numerous new upgrades. The front end features a rack and pinion steering system. The brake system has been upgraded with front disc brakes, a new power booster, and master cylinder. The fuel tank has been custom relocated. A new dual exhaust system with Flowmonster stainless mufflers enhances performance. The engine bay, even from beneath, appears brand new. The truck is equipped with an upgraded 4L60E overdrive automatic transmission, complete with a remote oil cooler and electric fan. The rear end boasts a Currie 9-inch differential with 3.73 posi gears.

SERVICE: Our inspection included an oil change, installation of a progressive throttle linkage, alignment of the shift indicator, tightening of steering couplers, and securing of the fuel filter and shift rod.

This truck is show-ready but was designed for the open road. The potent engine, paired with an overdrive transmission and posi rear end, ensures exhilarating acceleration at lights and a smooth, comfortable ride on the highway!