Behold a rarity in hues of celestial Horizon Blue—a mere 766 units were ever crafted, with even fewer boasting such harmonious interiors. This automotive gem has been rejuvenated to an impeccable standard, akin to a finely polished piece of adornment. Its beauty is matched by formidable prowess, courtesy of the optional dual quad performance engine, a quartet of gears, and a 3.70 posi rear axle. This vehicle, fresh from a meticulous restoration, comes with an extensive trove of documents and photographic records celebrating its rebirth.

Exterior Elegance: Recently stripped to its bare essence, this automobile was skillfully refined to achieve flawlessly aligned panels devoid of any imperfections. It was re-coated in its original, breathtaking factory shade—formula available upon inquiry. Enhanced beyond its original glory through meticulous polishing, it recently underwent a paint correction and received a ceramic coating for an unrivaled sheen. Adorned with optional white covers, it presents a timeless aesthetic. Every fragment of chrome and stainless steel has been either substituted or restored to exhibition standards. Newly installed weatherstrips, gaskets, and glass further complement its splendor. A fully revamped hardtop by Glassworks costing $6,300 mirrors this beauty, down to the chrome, windows, and linings. It stands majestically on replica whitewall tires, with rims in blue complemented by highly polished correct hubcaps featuring spinners.

Interior Craftsmanship: Crafted with genuine leather by the esteemed Al Knoch, the cabin’s meticulous assembly is unmistakable. It has been stripped entirely and lined with sound deadening material. Beneath its surface, myriad elements such as wiring and cables have been replaced. The seats, reconstituted with new cushions, are enveloped in glove-soft leather that, while appearing stock, offers an elevated touch of luxury. Door panels and all trimmings have been refreshed. The dash now sports a smooth, glossy finish with all components replaced. A fully restored gauge set functions flawlessly. The cockpit is completed with a new steering wheel, visors, mirror, and a correct reverse lockout shifter with bezel. New carpets and mats that match and an original wonderbar radio remain in place.

Engine Compartment: The heart of this machine, a 283 motor bearing the correct casting code, has been entirely rebuilt with only 300 miles clocked since. It boasts 270 horsepower through a factory aluminum intake and dual 4 barrel Carter carbs. Every component shines, having been meticulously restored to a pristine condition. It proudly displays correct finned aluminum valve covers, a polished air cleaner, and complete ignition shielding. Modern upgrades include a new aluminum radiator, ensuring it operates as beautifully as it appears.

Trunk Compartment: Arguably the finest C1 trunk observed, detailed to perfection. The compartment shines with a glossy finish, housing a restored rim and matching whitewall tire beneath. It includes a seldom seen complete jack, new rubber mat, weatherstrip, and a soft cover. Extras and shop manuals are also provided.

Underside: This car’s underbelly is exceptionally clean. The original raw fiberglass floors are untouched by paint and show no signs of damage. The chassis is neatly coated in black. The steering and suspension systems have been thoroughly overhauled; shocks appear recently updated. The rear features correct travel limit straps and a sway bar. A recent correct dual exhaust system exits through the rear bumper. The braking system has been serviced, and the emergency brake is operational. The underside of the engine is immaculate, showcasing a correct starter and flywheel cover. The clean T-10 4-speed transmission and a correctly coded and dated 3.70 posi rear end are also noteworthy.

Service Update: A recent inspection led to the repair of the temperature sensor, tightening of swaybar links, and replacement of both window regulators. The speedometer shows a slight delay.

This vehicle, often likened to a radiant jewel, garners admiration universally. Its striking color palette and the thrill of engaging all eight barrels and shifting gears elevate its allure, making it a standout among the world’s most coveted cars.