Behold a gem from yesteryear: a ’65 Impala Super Sport, cradling a numbers-matching 409 engine, fortified by a 4-speed gearbox and a 12-bolt posi. Its allure is magnified by its retention of the original, highly sought-after Regal Red exterior and pristine white interior. All identifiers and temporal markers are impeccably aligned. Acquired back in 2007, freshly restored, from a devoted collector who preserved it meticulously for seventeen years, it returns to us, enabling its stewardship to pass to another who will cherish and conserve its legacy.

This Impala marks the twilight of an epoch. A mere 2,828 units of the 409 were crafted—just 0.2% of production—compared to the more prevalent 57,000 units of the 396. The robust 409, with its 340 horsepower, was eclipsed in 1965 by the less potent 396 engine with 325 horsepower. The 409, legendary among muscle car aficionados, commanded a price nearly double that of its successor. Such rarities are seldom seen today, so much so that even esteemed publications like Car and Driver bid it adieu with a valedictory road test in late 1964.

EXTERIOR: The chassis boasts original, untarnished sheet metal under a masterfully renewed coat of Regal Red. The restoration brought forth a mirror-like finish, the silhouette of the body laser-straight, every panel meticulously aligned. The grille, bumpers, and trim shimmer with a lustrous revival, complemented by the iconic SS and 409 badges, all in their original placements. It rides on factory SS spinner caps and 215/75R14 white-walls, echoing the interior’s aesthetic. And yes, those spherical taillights are as charming as ever, captivating all who gaze upon them.

INTERIOR: Inside, the rare factory white melds with black accents, creating a striking contrast against the red shell. Both the low-back front bucket seats and rear bench have been reupholstered, the original front seat belts intact. The central console, complete with a functioning clock and a 4-speed shifter with chrome reverse lockout, stands as testament to the vehicle’s authenticity. Original gauges, a tachometer, and an AM-FM radio enhance the dashboard. Door panels, headliner, and sun visors have been replaced, while the dash pad and climate controls maintain their original splendor. The steering column and wheel likely remain from the initial assembly, all components in superb condition. Carpets are flawless, set off by reproduction mats—no detail disappoints.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: The engine bay is a marvel, home to the original 409 cubic inch powerhouse, restored to peak condition with fresh paint and new fittings. Adorned with a chrome dual snorkel air cleaner and bow tie valve covers, it also includes power steering for modern convenience. The alternator, brake master cylinder, and steering gearbox all present as newly installed, the firewall and fender wells in satin black, enhancing the assembly’s visual appeal.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Reflective paint adorns the trunk lid and jamb, with new weatherstrip and mat laid down. The trunk’s metalwork is robust, treated with a meticulous spatter finish. A new full-size spare tire and jack assembly are neatly stowed, maintaining both aesthetics and functionality.

UNDERSIDE: The undercarriage, kept in immaculate condition, features refreshed steering components and suspension. Factory drum brakes secure all four corners, with a fully functional emergency brake. A new dual exhaust system, gas tank, and related hardware underscore the care invested in its maintenance. The freshly painted Chevy orange engine and period-correct oil filter further attest to the vehicle’s authenticity, all components meticulously cared for.

In sum, this 1965 Impala SS not only encapsulates the end of the big block era but also celebrates a storied legacy, making it a coveted piece for any collector.