This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette underwent an extensive restoration under former custodianship in the mid-2000s before its acquisition by the present proprietor in 2009. The vehicle boasts a beige exterior, propelled by a fuel-injected 327ci V8 engine paired with a four-speed manual transmission and a Positraction limited-slip differential. Additional features encompass 15″ steel wheels, a dual exhaust system, a white soft top, a body-color removable hardtop, and bucket seats adorned in beige vinyl. Maintenance executed under current ownership in 2015 included adjustments to the fuel-injection unit, as well as overhauls of the cooling and braking systems. This C1 Corvette is presently available in Santa Barbara, California, accompanied by a car cover, recent service records, and a California title under the seller’s spouse’s name.

The exterior was repainted in Fawn Beige, and several trim elements were rechromed during the aforementioned refurbishment under prior ownership, as per the seller. The white soft top exhibits shrinkage, and the body-color removable hardtop is missing two side mounting brackets. Additional details feature quad headlights, split bumpers, and Fuel Injection insignia. The seller highlights various scratches and imperfections on the bodywork.

The 15″ steel wheels are fitted with simulated knock-off spinner covers and are shod with 215/75 Firestone FR721 tires. Braking is facilitated by four-wheel drum brakes, which were overhauled in 2015.

The two bucket seats have been reupholstered in beige vinyl, and the flooring is lined with replacement carpeting. Additional features include a dash-mounted rearview mirror, a cabin heater, and lap belts. The Wonder Bar AM radio and analog clock are non-functional.

The three-spoke steering wheel frames a tachometer with a 6,600-rpm redline, a 160-mph speedometer, and gauges for coolant temperature, amperage, oil pressure, and fuel level. The five-digit odometer indicates 10k miles, approximately 600 of which were added under current ownership. Total mileage remains unknown.

The 327ci V8 is equipped with a Rochester mechanical fuel injection system. Maintenance in 2015 involved adjustments to the fuel injection unit and refurbishment of the cooling system.

The engine pad stamping is displayed above.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission and a Positraction limited-slip differential.

The current California title bears an “Exceeds Mechanical Limits” notation.