This 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air four-door sedan boasts a robust 235 cubic inch inline-six engine paired with a column-shifted three-speed manual transmission. Its exterior is adorned in a pristine white finish, complemented by patterned cloth and ivory vinyl upholstery within the cabin. The vehicle’s features include 15-inch body-color steel wheels with chrome covers, chrome bumpers, removable rear-wheel skirts, a push-button AM radio, front and rear bench seats, and a dual exhaust system. Acquired by the seller in 2023, this Bel Air is presented without reserve, accompanied by a transferrable New York registration document in the seller’s company name.

The car’s white exterior is accentuated by twin wind splits, hooded headlights, a cleverly concealed fuel filler beneath the left taillight, and chrome bumpers and trim. Various imperfections such as chips, scratches, cracks, bubbles, and rust spots are visible around the body, as shown in the gallery below. The vehicle comes with a pair of rear-wheel skirts.

The 15-inch body-color steel wheels are fitted with bowtie covers and 205/75 Coker Classic whitewall tires. The car is supported by front coil springs and rear leaf springs, with braking handled by front and rear drum brakes.

Inside, the cabin is outfitted with front and rear bench seats upholstered in patterned cloth and ivory vinyl. Interior features include a heater, an AM radio, and vent windows. Wear on the seat seams and holes in the front seat upholstery are depicted in the gallery below, alongside spots of rust in the trunk.

The three-spoke steering wheel, featuring a chrome horn ring, frames a 110-mph speedometer and gauges for fuel level and coolant temperature. Additional Stewart-Warner gauges for amperage and coolant temperature are housed in a pod below the dashboard. The five-digit odometer shows 44,000 miles, with approximately 100 miles added under current ownership. The total mileage is unknown.

Powering the vehicle is a 235 cubic inch Blue Flame inline-six engine with a single downdraft carburetor. An aftermarket dual exhaust system has been installed.

The engine’s power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a column-shifted three-speed manual transmission. Corrosion is noticeable on the underside components.

Decoding the trim tag reveals the following information:

  • Style: 56-1019 – 1956 Bel Air four-door sedan
  • Body: S 5204 – St. Louis, Missouri, assembly plant number
  • Trim: 573 – Charcoal & Ivory cloth and vinyl upholstery
  • Paint: 701D – India Ivory & Onyx Black paint