Refrain from purchasing this automobile solely for exhibition; it yearns to be driven and relished! What could surpass the exhilaration of maneuvering that 5-speed transmission, unleashing the full potential of those tri-carburetors atop the 502 engine, and savoring the melodious roar of the side exhaust? This vehicle has been meticulously restored to appear factory fresh, albeit with several discreet and highly appreciated enhancements.

EXTERIOR: Behold this visual marvel! The sleek contours of the coupe, the iconic stinger hood, wheels, and side exhaust collectively create a jaw-droppingly stunning automobile. The body is in immaculate condition, devoid of any damage. It boasts impeccable alignment; the doors click shut with precision, and the headlights function flawlessly. The stinger hood remains one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs ever conceived! Refinished in its original Glenwood Green metallic hue, it features a smooth clear coat finish. The white stripe is silky smooth to the touch. The chrome, stainless trim, emblems, bow tie mirror, and the correct antenna gleam brightly. The side exhaust not only augments its aggressive appearance but also produces an incredible sound. The side exhaust, measuring 3 inches, is brand new. It rolls on what appear to be new cast aluminum wheels. The new Diamondback radial redline tires, slightly wider at the rear, complete the look.

INTERIOR: From carpet to headliner, the interior is virtually pristine, exceptionally neat, and well-fitted. All the gauges are flawless, featuring the correct 6500 redline tachometer for a 427 Tri-Power. The odometer and the clock have been rebuilt. The original radio has been upgraded to Bluetooth while maintaining its classic appearance. An upgraded dash speaker, along with two Undercover II speakers behind the seats, has been installed. Two concealed USB ports are available to keep your phone charged. LED interior lights have been added under the dash. The seats have firm cushions, the door panels are mint, and the chrome knobs sparkle. The custom steering wheel, though smaller, retains an original look and makes ingress and egress easier. The 5-speed transmission is paired with an authentic-looking shifter.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: A new ZZ 502 motor was installed in December 2022, and it has only 3,000 miles on it. This powerhouse generates a staggering 508 hp and 580 lbs of torque! It features four-bolt mains, a forged crank, rods, and pistons, and aluminum heads. The factory tri-power carb setup is fully functional. It appears stock with the correct air cleaner, valve covers, and even ignition shielding. Reproduction hoses and clamps add to the authenticity. An upgraded aluminum radiator with a stock shroud and clutch fan ensures optimal cooling. The engine compartment is meticulously detailed and authentic.

UNDERSIDE: The underside of this Corvette is exceptionally clean and well-maintained. It features independent suspension both front and rear, with all components functioning properly. An EZ electric power steering system with a speed sensor that adjusts based on vehicle speed has been added. The disc brakes at all four wheels were rebuilt in May 2023. The e-brake is operational. The engine still appears fresh. A new Tremec TKX 5-speed transmission upgrade, along with a new clutch and driveshaft, has been installed. The original dated rear end with 3.08 posi gears remains. The metal chassis has been prepped and painted. The fiberglass, including the spare tire carrier, is in great shape.

SERVICE: The vehicle has been inspected, and repairs were made to the driver’s door latch, horns, and passenger door lock.

This exemplar of automotive excellence has been elevated even further! It retains its authentic allure while incorporating enhancements that make driving it a sublime experience!