A Legendary Camaro

Imagine owning a piece of automotive history: a 1969 Camaro Pace Car, loaded with the powerful L-78 396-375 hp engine. This extraordinary car is documented with a window sticker and retains its matching numbers, making it an incredibly rare find. Recently, it underwent a body-off-frame restoration to factory specifications, preserving its original charm and performance.

Exterior Excellence

Rust-Free Body

This Camaro boasts a rust-free body that is straight and solid. It features a cowl induction hood, front and rear spoilers, and is repainted in its original Dover White with eye-catching Hugger Orange stripes. The paint is polished to a smooth and glossy finish. The car also proudly displays its Pace Car decals on the doors.

Restored Chrome and Trim

All exterior chrome and trim have been replaced, enhancing the car’s overall appeal. The Rally Sport option includes hideaway lights that have been upgraded to electric motors. The windshield is brand new, and the white convertible power top has been meticulously restored. The 15×7 rally wheels are restored with shiny trim and are fitted with reproduction Firestone Wide Oval white letter tires.

Interior Brilliance

Unique Upholstery

The Pace Car’s interior is just as impressive as its exterior. It is the only convertible Camaro to feature houndstooth upholstery in a striking Hugger Orange color. The deluxe interior includes molded door panels, an optional factory tachometer, and a gauge cluster in the console. It also comes with an AM/FM radio and reproduction mats.

Fully Restored Components

Every aspect of the interior has been restored or replaced. This includes the dash pad, heater control panel, knobs, bezels, vents, ashtray, door panels, upholstery, carpet, steering wheel, seat belts, and visors. Everything looks and feels brand new.

Engine Compartment

Power and Precision

Under the hood, the numbers-matching 396-375 horsepower L-78 motor is a sight to behold. The casting numbers, dates, and stamp pad all match, confirming its authenticity. The engine has been completely rebuilt to factory specs, including an L-78 cam, solid lifters, square port heads with a matched aluminum intake, and a dual-feed Holley carburetor with correct fuel lines. It features a correct type distributor with reproduction and dated spark plug wires and even includes a complete smog system.

Attention to Detail

The engine compartment showcases deep groove pulleys, reproduction belts, hoses, and clamps. It has a Delco battery topper with spring clamp battery cables. Every surface is painted smoothly, and it features power steering and new power brakes with a cadmium plated booster. The new wiper motor and functional squirters complete the meticulous restoration.

Trunk Compartment

Factory-Like Finish

The trunk compartment is refinished to factory standards. The trunk lid and jamb are painted nicely, and inside, the clean metal is neatly spatter-painted. It includes reproduction stickers, weatherstrip, and mat. The trunk is complete with a Wide Oval tire on a painted rim and a jack assembly. New wiring, a well liner, trunk latch, and “shaker cans” are also in place.

Underside Perfection

Comprehensive Restoration

During the restoration, every item was removed from the bottom of the car. The entire front-end steering and suspension were rebuilt, as were the rear suspension, springs, bushings, and shocks. The car even has the correct spiral shocks and factory tags reapplied. The new correct dual exhaust system features a transverse muffler, and the entire fuel system, including the tank, has been replaced.

Brake System and More

The brake system appears completely new, from calipers to brake lines and the e-brake assembly. The car has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back. Looking up at the engine, it is freshly painted in Chevy Orange, complete with the correct starter. The dated M-20 Muncie 4-speed transmission looks fresh and includes Hurst linkage. The restored drive shaft retains the original assembly line paint markings. The car features a 12-bolt posi rear, and the floors are solid and painted.

Thorough Inspection and Service

Attention to Detail

A thorough inspection was conducted on this freshly restored car. Any bugs were worked out, and miscellaneous items were tightened. Adjustments were made to ensure smooth operation, including making it easier to shift into reverse, replacing the temperature gauge, calibrating the speedometer, adjusting the brake light switch, right rear window mechanism, and top switch. The convertible top frame was aligned, brakes were bled, and tires were balanced.

Conclusion: A Rare and Desirable Classic

This 1969 Camaro Pace Car is the epitome of rarity and desirability. A convertible Camaro with RS-SS, a big block, and a 4-speed transmission is already special. Adding the Pace Car option and the 375hp engine makes it extraordinary. The frame-off restoration ensures that it retains its original authenticity, as verified by the matching numbers and window sticker.


Q: What makes the 1969 Camaro Pace Car so special?
A: The 1969 Camaro Pace Car is special due to its rarity, powerful L-78 396-375 hp engine, and the comprehensive restoration that preserves its original features.

Q: What is unique about the exterior of this Camaro?
A: The exterior features original Dover White paint with Hugger Orange stripes, Pace Car decals, and restored chrome and trim. It also includes hideaway lights and a power convertible top.

Q: How has the interior been restored?
A: The interior features unique houndstooth upholstery, a deluxe interior package, and restored components including the dash pad, heater control panel, and upholstery.

Q: What details are included in the engine compartment restoration?
A: The engine compartment includes a numbers-matching 396-375 hp motor rebuilt to factory specs, with correct parts and a complete smog system.

Q: What was involved in the trunk compartment restoration?
A: The trunk compartment was refinished to factory standards, including paint, reproduction stickers, weatherstrip, mat, and a complete jack assembly.

Q: What work was done on the underside of the car?
A: The underside received a comprehensive restoration, including rebuilding the front and rear suspension, replacing the brake and fuel systems, and restoring the drive shaft and transmission.

This Camaro Pace Car is not just a car; it’s a piece of automotive history, meticulously restored for enthusiasts and collectors alike.