This 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air is a covert classic, resplendent in a striking Gothic Gold and Snowcrest White two-tone finish. Beneath its unassuming exterior lies a meticulously rebuilt 348ci W-motor, paired with a 4-speed manual transmission and a robust Ford 9″ rear end. Although the engine is described as a “beast,” one might easily mistake this inconspicuous two-door sedan for a vehicle fit for leisurely Sunday drives or routine grocery errands, a notion reinforced by its 409-spec steelies and hubcaps. The car presents itself at an admirable driver level, both inside and out, boasting excellent color coordination, a floor shift, and what is undoubtedly a melodious burble from the early small big block. It effortlessly exudes the essence of a low-key street bruiser. Over time, the new owner could consider installing a tripower triple carb setup and other period-appropriate upgrades, but even with a single four-barrel carburetor, there’s plenty to appreciate. Discover it here on Jalopy Journal in Longwood, Florida, priced at $25k OBO.

Completely redesigned from the previous year, the 1959 full-size Chevrolet models are just as flamboyant as their GM counterparts, yet they also offered some serious power, like the one-year-only 348ci W-motor, and in rare instances, the fuel-injected 283 small block from the Corvette. Note the impressive crossed flags and V-emblems adorning the nose.

This is arguably the most understated paint combination available in 1959. Surprisingly, it looks exceptionally good, and we’ve always found it fascinating how the two-tone extended down onto the trunk lid and tailfins. The 1962 409 steelies with dog dish hubcaps are a perfect fit, and the only noted rust appears at the bottom of the quarter panel. Interestingly, sedans featured a taller roof and a larger windshield compared to their less formal, pillar-less hardtop counterparts.

The interior is a harmonious blend of new and old, with exquisite tuck-and-roll upholstery covering both seats, the original door panels still in place, and one of the General’s coolest-looking dashboards holding up nicely. Originally equipped with a column-shift, its new spaghetti-thin four-on-the-floor is more suited to this type of build.

The claimed-rebuilt 348 is purported to be a real beast, but aside from the carburetor being upgraded to an electric choke model and “high performance” 409 exhaust manifolds feeding into a new exhaust system, the ad doesn’t provide further specifics. Nevertheless, it should deliver a solid 300 hp with minimal fuss. The 4-speed transmission and new Ford 9″ rear end will be virtually indestructible, the front end has been rebuilt, and the four-wheel drum brakes have been updated with a new dual master cylinder and power assist.